About us

Imam Ali Islamic Center is an independent, religious and ideal association founded by a group of Shi Muslims, 1997. The association organizes its activities in accordance with Islam and the Swedish law. The Center maintains in addition to the continuous and regular activities such as daily communal prayer, Friday prayer, psalm reading etc., including other religious and cultural celebrations that interest Muslims, especially Shia, in Scandinavia. The Center aims, inter alia, to create a more friendly relationship and cooperation with various institutions, including government, to facilitate the integration of Muslims in Swedish society.
The Imam Ali Islamic Center also has an administrative department that offers religious ceremonies, divorces, certificates and other services that you can find under the menu: Office During the weekend, the Center offers education for children and adolescents.
Imam Ali Islamic Center's program
Center activities are divided into regular and irregular
The regular activities:
Joint prayer of the daily prayers, except for morning prayers.
Friday prayers.
Koranrecitation, Thursday 17.30 - 19.00
Psalm (Komeil's call) 19:00 - 21:00 on Thursday nights.
The month of Ramadan is celebrated through daily prayers, Quran readings, lectures, common fast breaking etc.
During Muharram, sorceries are dedicated to Imam Hussein's tragic martyrdom.
The irregular activities maintained:
Birthday Celebration of Islam's Fourteen Saints (The Prophet, the Twelve Imams and Fatima Peace be with them)
Care ceremonies over the 13th century holy martyrdom or passing away.
Seminars and conferences with different themes and audiences
Entertainment and education camps for families and young people.
as well as other activities
For more information, please feel free to contact us.