Required forms and documents prior to your appointment:
  • Form number 110 (Application for a religious marriage)
  • Form number 111 (Imam Ali Islamic Center visitor registration form)
  • Paper copy of a Swedish ID (For example passport, ID-card, driving licence etc.)
  • “Personbevis” (civic registration certificate), titled “Familjebevis”. Please note that this document should not be older than one month. Personbevis can be ordered through Skatteverket (Tax authority). Click hereto read more about Personbevis and how it can be ordered.
  • Form 132 (Declaration of Islamic faith. Only relevant if any of the two soon to be couple is not Muslim).
  • Paper copy of Iranian ID-document, “Shenasnameh”. (Only relevant for Iranian citizens who want to be able to register their marriage in the Islamic Republic of Iran.)
  • Paper copy of the bride’s latest divorce certificate. (Only relevant for females who have been married before.)
  • Death certificate for bride’s father. (Only relevant if it is the bride’s first marriage, while her father is deceased.)
  • 1200 SEK fee. (The fee can be paid either by pay card or cash during your visit to the center. It is also possible to prepay the fee prior to your appointment through plusgiro bank transfer. Imam Ali Islamic Center’s plusgiro account is 643195-1)


- An appointment must be booked for marriage (Nikah) recitation ceremony. This can be done through a telephone call to us.
- Please note that only fully and correctly filled forms and documents can be accepted.
- If any of the above required documents are not provided, the center can, on the basis of verbal confirmation from the soon to be couple, only perform a verbal confirmation of the marriage, without any legitimate paper certificate.
- To avoid any future misunderstandings, we recommend that the soon to be couple consider including certain, islamically compatible, conditions in the marriage certificate. You are welcome to contact us for further details regarding this.
- The dowry or wedding gift must be stated clearly in the form 110.
- In the center, we offer written, verbal and audio-visual information about the basic pillars of Islam and how a non-Muslim can profess their Islamic belief. For a permanent (standard) Islamic marriage, both the bride and the groom must be Muslims. For a temporary (time based) Islamic marriage, the bride to be doesn’t need to be Muslim, but has to be of the faith of the “people of the book”. For the latter, the soon to be couple must agree on a time limit during which they would like to be married. The center offers both types of marriage services.
- If any documents or forms are to be sent to us through postal services, the signatures must be verified through Notarius Publicus. Please contact a law firm for more details. Note that this is not a requirement when the documents are submitted to us in person.
- Never send original documents or certificates.
For any further queries, you are welcome to contact us.
Imam Ali Islamic Center wishes the soon to be couple a happy married life, full of Godly blessings and joy.